Kaori Izumiya

Recent drawings of mine have been all about women. 

Some are modeled after real persons, the others are imaginary or inspired by Fashionable girls on magazines.

Women in my drawings mostly look somehow melancholic. 

It is hard to tell where they are looking at – maybe looking far into the future, or somewhere beyond the real world, or seeing nothing at all.

It is not that I don’t want to draw smiling faces. Rather, these uncertain faces intrigue me more.

I wonder why I am so obsessed with woman when it comes to drawing.

Whether it is a conscious act, or subconscious, is out of my interest


  • 2002-2006  Studied oil painting at the Tokyo University of the Art
  • 2006          "A view of Yokohama" / Kanagawa
  • 2008          "KAORI IZUMIYA SOLO EXHIBITION" / Kanagawa
  • 2009          "Eco bag and small pieces of art with 35 people / Tokyo
  •                   "0 Collection" / Tokyo
  • 2011           "White light/White room" / Tokyo     
  • 2012          "Light room vol.9" / Tokyo
  • 2013          "ACT ART COM art&design fair" / Tokyo
  • 2014          "Collaboration with jewellery shop "Salon de Jewellery" / Tokyo
  •                  "PINK TOKYO" / Tokyo
  •                  "FUKIDEMONO" / Tokyo (cafe)
  •                  "KUMADE"/ Tokyo
  •                  "FUTARI" / Tokyo (cafe)
  • 2015          "KAORI POP / Tokyo
  •                  "KAORI POP 2 / Tokyo(cafe)
  •                  "ART MARKET KOMOGOM" / Tokyo,Ueno


  • 2016          Moving base to New Zealand (Wellington)



I have been painting backgrounds for Japanese Animation since 2007